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(Ongoing project with Jim Brunnestom)

Taking as its starting point, The Gallery, as a space of presentation, this project experiments with levels of spatial and social intimacy in the ritual of showing/presenting work. The “gallery space” is a 20 x 20 cm area on top of a pedestal. The space of the gallery extends out on the internet where documentation from the events is available on a blog. The shows at Galleri Kolonn have a maximum number of guests at the opening - eleven people. So far, this situation has created a safe opportunity to try out and discuss ideas that may not yet be fully developed or that may seem too personal to introduce to a larger audience. For better or worse, these occasions constitute a vulnerable situation for artists and visitors alike, where it’s not possible to coolly distance one self from what is shown and talked about.


Performance by Swedish artist Joakim Stampe in 2012.



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