Jamila Drott


Holzbox. Jamila Drott & Jim Brunnestom. ZKU Berlin 2013


Holz Box (2013)


The Holzbox’s physical presence on the ZK/U terrace invites it to be considered as an object. More than that, it is a sculptural situation, allowing for and encouraging other processes and events to take place within it.


Incorporating other artists’ work, the sculpture/situation blurs the boundaries of artistic ownership, and between what’s happening in the moment and a meta-perspective.


The sculpture is built as an experiment to explore the creative potential of a limited space and the meaning of the social ritual within it.

It is the manifestation of this spatial idea - a sketch in scale 1:1. Assembled on-site, using found materials, the structure was created in dialogue with its surroundings. It exists in accordance with some of these conditions and in opposition to others.